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Nearly 500,000 car accidents happen a year in Texas. Since the pandemic, motor vehicle crash statistics have undergone significant changes. Despite fewer passenger vehicles on the road, automobile collisions and fatalities have increased. Unfortunately, there were no deathless days in Texas.

According to the Texas Department of Transportation:

  • 1 car accident occurs every minute and 7 seconds
  • 1 person is killed every 2 hours and 15 minutes
  • 1 person is injured every 2 minutes and 34 seconds

In the last reporting year, the fatality rate has increased to 7.54%. The sharp increase may be attributed to an increase in reckless driving.
While government agencies are still analyzing the data and have not made the details available to the public, a prevailing theory is that drivers felt more comfortable speeding and engaging in other reckless behavior due to the decrease in vehicles on the road.
In addition, supply-chain shortages have increased the number of commercial vehicles on the road. With over 500 fatal large truck collisions, Texas leads the country in deadly commercial truck accidents. Over 13% of the nation’s fatal truck crashes occur on Texas highways.


With 215 million drivers in the U.S., there is a large proportion of uninsured drivers in the country. There are approximately 32 million uninsured drivers in the U.S., equal to about one in eight drivers, says the IRC.


Texas has 17,667,039 licensed drivers and only 75% of those drivers are insured, leaving 4,416,759 uninsured individuals. Additionally, 30% of all licensed drivers are uninsured, increasing your need for uninsured/underinsured coverage in Texas.