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Homeowners insurance coverage gives you peace of mind

We offer protection for your home and personal property in addition to liability coverage if you're responsible for another person's injury or damage to their property.

Common questions about homeowners insurance


What does home insurance protect against?

Standard home insurance policies cover a variety of situations, including the following examples, up to your coverage limits and minus any deductible:

  • A windstorm causes damage to your roof. Dwelling coverage may pay to repair it.
  • Your home is burglarized. Personal property coverage may pay to replace stolen or damaged items.
  • A fire burns down your detached garage. Other structures coverage may pay to rebuild it.
  • A guest slips on your kitchen floor and breaks their wrist. Medical payments coverage may provide some coverage for their medical bills.


Will homeowners insurance cover a rental property?

If you rent out a house to tenants or if your rental property is unoccupied, you'll need a dwelling policy rather than a homeowners policy to cover your rental home. A dwelling insurance policy for a landlord may also cover the other structures on the property, theft of belongings, vandalism, loss of rent, and liability.


Does home insurance cover flooding?

Home insurance policies generally won't cover flooding. If you live in an area prone to flooding, a flood insurance policy may help protect against damage to your home and personal belongings.


Is home insurance required?

Even if you don't have a mortgage on your property, a homeowners policy may be valuable in protecting against damage to your property and belongings.